There's a New Way to find Employment with Nu-Way Staffing!


Becky Grant on October 24, 2019 at 7:48 AM

As you may have heard, we have a staffing company here at Live Rite. It’s called Nu-Way Staffing, and we have been hard at work compiling information so we can assist everyone who comes in our doors in finding gainful employment. We have contracts with several local factories and are working diligently to build relationships with others to give our clients the best opportunities possible. We know how hard finding a job is in early recovery, as is just about everything when you’re first coming out of the fog of drugs and alcohol. We want to do whatever we can to help make the transition to the clean, sober life as easy as possible.


When someone walks in the door to the Resource Center and asks about finding a job, there are several things that happen. After they sign in, we have them fill out a needs assessment so we can address all the issues they’re facing. Here are some of the questions we ask, and the steps we take to help them obtain gainful employment:


Do they have the documents an employer would ask for, such as a driver’s license, social security card, and birth certificate?

If not, we can take them down to our resource library and direct them to the websites they need to visit to get those things!

Do they have a resume, or a list of their skills and previous employment?

We can help with that, too. We can assist in creating a resume, filling out applications online and in person, and creating a profile on job-search sites.

What kind of job are they looking for? What experience do they have?

While we have contracts with certain companies and are working on partnerships with more, we would never turn someone away because one of those jobs wouldn’t be a good fit, we would just look for other options.

If they aren’t interested in or qualified for one of the companies we have contracts with, what are our other options?

There are several different online job-search sites, such as Indeed, CareerBuilder, LinkedIn, and Monster that we can help people navigate to either create their resumes, search for jobs, and/or submit applications.

Now that we’ve assisted them in creating a resume, filling out and submitting applications, and any other employment-related things, what is the next step?

At this point, we go back over the assessment form we had them fill out at the beginning of our encounter. If they are in need of anything else we can address, this is the time when we do that.

So, the person we helped last week comes in to let us know they got a call from one of the companies they applied to and they have an interview the next day! What happens next?

Many times, the people we work with are going through hard times, and they don’t always have the proper attire to attend an interview. Well, they’re certainly in luck, because we have Stacy’s Boutique right here in the Resource Center! We can take them downstairs and help them find the perfect outfit to wear to their interview. Every item of clothing in the boutique is a $1.00 donation, but we also have vouchers available if someone can’t afford it.

While that’s the process we use at Nu-Way Staffing, that’s definitely not all we do to assist people in reaching their career goals. We also have several career-training opportunities available!

At My Mechanic in New Baltimore, there is Automotive Maintenance Training on Fridays at 6 pm. Every other Friday at 7 pm, we have New Life Restorations, a class where we restore old furniture.

We have several other classes in development, including cooking, personal finance, botany, and many others! We want to do whatever we can to help people in recovery to have the best opportunity for a new start!


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Love it, Helping the community in every way possible!

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Very helpful, thank you.

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What a well-thought-out and well-presented post!

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