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Live Rite Structured Recovery Corp is a non-profit organization based out of Southeast Michigan. We subsidize the individual in recovery's housing, education, therapy, and after care so they may become a productive, substance-free member of society once again. Saving another life is our mission and goal.

Recovery Resource Center - Resources at your fingertips

Our Recovery Resource Center in Roseville is now up and running. Our center is a community hub where someone at any point in their recovery can frequent. We have staff to help you make the first step in starting your recovery. We have resources such as food, clothing, job assistance and recovery housing that can get you back on your feet. We provide weekly meetings and events that keep you on the path of sobriety. View details more details on what we do and all the resources we provide Stop by our Center at 27700 Gratiot Ave., Roseville, MI 48066

What We Do

We provide resources for long term recovery

Our mission is to reduce the stigma and provide resources, education, and funding to the person and their families seeking recovery from Substance Use Disorder and Mental Illness. Saving one more life, so that they may easily transition from the life of substance use and mental illness into a lifestyle free from substances and destructive behavior. Building a foundation to become a productive citizen in society.

To view all of our resources that we provide at our Recovery Resource Center, Click here


We can help set you up with a place to live, in a home environment, with others that understand the challenges each person will face in the recovery process. Whether it’s at one of nine Live Rite Properties houses or another recovery house we can help with every step of the process. We will guide you through the process of applying for funding or you can receive a Live Rite Scholarship. If you choose to live at one of Live Rite’s Recovery Homes, you can do your intake right at the Center and we’ll drive you to your new house.


We have a stocked food pantry at our Recovery Resource Center. If you are in recovery and are in need of food, fill out our food assistance application and we’ll get you as much food as we can and even provide transportation/drop off if needed.


At the Resource Center we have a resale shop and clothing boutique where everything is $1! If you can’t afford this we can give you a clothing voucher where you can shop our store for free. To see if you qualify fill out our clothing need application or come into our Center.


As you may have heard, we have a staffing company here at Live Rite. It’s called Nu-Way Staffing, and we have been hard at work compiling information so we can assist everyone who comes in our doors in finding gainful employment. We have contracts with several local factories and are working diligently to build relationships with others to give our clients the best opportunities possible. We know how hard finding a job is in early recovery, as is just about everything when you’re first coming out of the fog of substance use. We want to do whatever we can to help make the transition to the clean, sober life as easy as possible. Call or come into our Recovery Center to talk to a Recovery Care Technicians about employment today. Learn more about what we do and our staffing program here.


A large portion of the Recovery Resource Center are rooms for our meetings. We provide meetings at our Recovery Resource Center every day. Just come to the back of the building (the big red doors) and you will be greeted by a Recovery Care Technician, who will show you where to go. We have 12 step meetings, meetings for substance abuse education, yoga, meditation, nutrition & fitness, spiritual, grief and much more. Click here to see some of our meetings we provide. We have developed a check in application that takes in data from every one of our meetings and figures out which meetings people return to the most and what ones are statistically proven to help ever lasting sobriety. View meetings & events here

Education & Training

Along with our staffing program we do have meetings and events that can help gain you employment. One of our more popular meetings is at My Mechanic in New Baltimore, where attendees learn how to do different kinds of automotive mechanical work. Another meeting we provide now is a furniture restoration class where we restore old furniture. We are developing and garnering interest for new classes including computer & coding lessons, cooking and finance. If you want to see these classes or any others let us know.

Peer Recovery Coaching

Live Rite Recovery has several Peer Recovery Coaches to help those seeking recovery. Peer Recovery Coaching has been proven to be effective in gaining long lasting recovery. Live Rite has also developed a Peer Recovery Coaching app where Peer Recovery Coaches and users can communicate, update and set goals, get resources & information for their coach and much more. Sign up for Peer Recovery Coaching online, call or come in to start Peer Recovery with Live Rite.

Programs & Events

We put on events and provide programs that help the person in recovery in all aspects of their life. Some of these programs include legal assistance events, where attendees can talk with lawyers about their situations; financial well being classes where people learn to manage their money; family coaching events which a certified instructor can help with family counseling; and much more! View all Programs Here

Mental Health

Live Rite not only has an interest in helping those with substance use, but we have a complete separate program for those who struggle with their mental health or dual diagnosis. This is our Assisted Outpatient Treatment (AOT) program, where our staff uses evidence-based practices to work closely with individuals to treat their mental health symptoms and manage their every day lives Read more about our AOT Program


We provide a Resource Library to anyone who needs to get on the internet, print anything, or check out a book. We also provide a gym free of charge to those in recovery. Explore everything we have to offer at our Resource Center: View & Tour our other resources and rooms

History & Future

Watch video to discover more of what we do including our history and what we see for our future

This is a brief history on Live Rite Corp and our continuous efforts to expand and try new things in the Recovery Community! As some of us know, recovery may sometimes not be easy, but Live Rite Corp is trying to open a building big enough to have everything the person in early recovery will need!


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