Assisted Outpatient Treatment (AOT)

Mental Health & Wellness Supportive Services

Providing evidence-based wrap around services for individuals with serious mental illness in a peer support program.

Assisting those with mental health illnesses

No Cost to Program Participants
Active AOT Order Required

Improving mental health recidivism and enhancing social and behavioral health to help individuals with SMI as well as their families

Assisted Outpatient Treatment (AOT), also known as Kevin's Law, is court-ordered mental health services for individuals with serious mental illness who have difficulty recognizing their need for treatment.

AOT Qualifications

Any adult may file a petition with probate court asserting that an individual is in need of treatment. The court will determine if the individual is "a person requiring treatment" according to the Mental Health Code (section 330.0401).

In summary, this is a person who, as a result of their mental illness:

  • Shows lack of understanding of the need for treatment
  • Demonstrates noncompliance with treatments necessary to prevent a relapse or deterioration of condition
  • Presents a significant risk of physical or mental harm to self or others

AOT Partial Day Programs

  • Job Readiness Program
  • Life Skills & Education
  • Financial Literacy
  • Family Recovery Coaching
  • Wellness Planning
  • Therapeutic Yoga
  • Intensive Case Management
  • Liaison and Monitoring Services
  • 1 on 1 and Group Services
  • Grounding (Our Connection with Nature)
  • Group Exercise to Support Depression & Anxiety
  • Integrating Wellness and Medicine
  • Peer to Peer Support
  • Transportation Services
  • Housing Connections

AOT Program Descriptions

Job Readiness

  • Learn how to navigate a job search and employment with a legal record
  • Resume building and review skills
  • Mock interviews
  • Personal development to improve employment opportunities

Life Skills & Education

  • Become empowered through education in everyday living
  • Grain skills such as navigating public transportation, time management, technology skills, and communication
  • Grow your self-confidence with knowledge of how to handle decision-making interpersonal skills, teamwork, and self-awareness
  • Learn how to get through daily things that at one time baffled you

Financial Literacy

  • Learn how to be financially independent and responsible
  • Budgeting
  • Balancing your account/checkbook
  • Managing bills, debt, and expenses
  • Saving Money
  • Build your credit

Family Recovery Coaching

  • Learn ways to cope with your loved one’s diagnosis.
  • Learn different ways to interact with your loved ones.
  • Gain skills for self-care and caregiver burnout
  • Learn how to become a community advocate for mental health

Wellness Planning

  • Gain tools for healthy living through nutrition, exercise, stress management and more!
  • Grow to be the best you
  • Gain tools for dealing with life’s stressors and manage your actions and behaviors without relapse.

1 on 1 & Group Services

  • Work with our peer-support staff in personalized sessions.
  • Share in a group setting to better understand what others are dealing with and help get ideas on how to get through your own issues.


  • Dive into education on the beauty and wonder of ecology
  • Learn how to use a deep appreciation for the earth to self-soothe when faced with difficult emotions
  • Practice grounding skills in an individualized approach
  • Field trips included weather permitting

Group Exercise to Support Depression & Anxiety

  • Enjoy the abundant mental and physical benefits of group exercise with a circuit training style class that is approachable for all levels of physical fitness
  • Boost your mood, self-esteem, and sense of personal strength
  • Practice safely stimulating and cooling down the nervous system

Integrating Wellness and Medicine

  • Learn how to use natural healing modality in combination with vital mental health practices such medication and cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Learn how to safely integrate practices such as yoga, meditation, nutrition and more into your your current mental health treatment plan
  • Learn how to integrate the life you want to live and the medicine that you are prescribed.
  • Work towards a holistic and balance life
  • Understand the role of lifestyle tools in your total health
  • Understand the importance of taking your prescribed medication

Therapeutic Yoga

  • A holistic approach to care that takes a personalized approach to empowerment using multi-dimensional mind and body techniques
  • A gentle and slowing progressing practice that utilizes body awareness, sensory connection and breathwork

AOT Referral Form

Fill out the following referral form to start a candidate in our AOT program. You may also download the form here, fill it out and send the completed form to *OR* fax to (586) 314-5833


Please provide the following information, if applicable:

Psychiatric Diagnoses

Current Medications

Additional Information

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