7 Ways to Have Fun When You're Sober

Megan Deshaj on March 7, 2023 at 8:18 AM

Addiction rehabilitation is a difficult fight, and seeing the end of the tunnel can sometimes be

challenging. Even if the benefits of sobriety may seem far off, it may be encouraging to think

about how your life will improve once you've overcome the obstacles. You will be well on your

way to the kind of life you know you deserve once you learn to control your substance usage.

After you finish addiction treatment, a whole new universe of exciting possibilities opens up,

including activities that were previously out of reach because of preoccupation with substance

use. By removing alcohol from your life, you'll find a newfound freedom to appreciate old and

new pursuits with equal fervor. Here are the best ways to have fun when you’re sober

1 Learn a new hobby

You can put your newfound sober energy into acquiring a new skill, whether it is guitar, piano,

knitting, or constructing your own furniture. Choose one kind of creative expression that has

always interested you and give it a try. Now more than ever, getting a hobby can help your

recovery. Online, you may access a wealth of helpful guides and reference materials. You never

know what new skills or abilities you could uncover about yourself. It’s one of the more

productive ways to have fun when you’re sober!

2 Get some mocktails on

If you don't drink alcohol, it doesn't mean you can't enjoy some of the more elaborate beverages.

Several recipes for soft drinks are both tasty and look amazing! The Gunner is a great example of

this. The Gunner is a mocktail that looks and tastes great, thanks to the combination of ginger

beer, lemonade, and lime. But this is just one example! You can have fun while you’re sober by

discovering and experimenting with different recipes. Who knows, maybe you’ll even come up

with your own!

3 Plan a film binge

Planning a film festival may be a blast if you enjoy movies. A film festival can be successfully

organized even by someone who is not a filmmaker. A better option is to take on the role of

curator and compile a list of some of your favorite movies to recommend to your friends.

You’ll need to make a few choices before moving on with the planning. Then, choose if you

want to make a day of it and play many films or show only one or two. You should also

determine if the movies will follow a certain subject.

Lastly, shake things up a bit, especially if you're hosting a large group of people. Don't stick to

just one style or type of film; mix things up occasionally. This ensures that there will be movies

for everyone in your lineup.

4 Make new friends

In order to maintain a sober social life, the hardest aspect is meeting new people. Hopefully,

you'll find that you still have interests in common with your old drinking companions beyond

just getting smashed. However, this is not the case for the vast majority of individuals. Your

social life will change significantly, even if your friends support your recovery.

Acquiring at least one sober companion is a must. Become involved in activities outside of

drinking if you want to make friends. No matter what you're doing. The only thing that counts is

tracking out folks who are able to partake in these pursuits sober. These strong friendships can

help your sobriety. Making friends with someone who has already overcome substance misuse or

is in the midst of doing so may be very supportive. In addition to helping you build a sober social

life, they are the individuals who will understand the special emotions and difficulties you're

going through in recovery.

5 Plan a trip

Relocating to a new location is a great opportunity to break out of a rut and experience

something exciting and different. Becoming sober can help you save money you would have

otherwise spent on booze, which you can use toward other, more worthwhile pursuits. You may

organize your trip such that it doesn't revolve around drinking, allowing you to really savor the

experience. It doesn’t have to be far; there are many ways to have fun in Brooklyn! You can just

have fun in the area and check out some places you’ve never been to before. So, get out there

and discover a new place!

6 Join a sober book club

Joining a sober book club is a beautiful idea, whether you are reading a well-known classic, a fun

work of fiction, or anything related to recovery. If you want to read books in a sober

environment but can't locate one, start your own book club! Warm up some coffee, and have

your support group over to read and spend some quality time together. Having meaningful

conversations about literature, ideas, and life, in general, is a great way to invest in yourself

during recovery. Maintaining sobriety requires several tools, one of the most important being a

strong support network.

7 Volunteer

Those just beginning a sober existence may find rediscovering their sense of meaning difficult.

This is to be expected after devoting so much effort to changing one's mental attitude. If you've

decided to stop drinking, one of the best things you can do is find something that makes you

happy. Volunteering is a beautiful opportunity to make a difference in your community. The

social aspect of this is a bonus since it allows you to connect with individuals with interests

beyond just drinking. Contact local non-profits, churches, and other organizations to see if

volunteer opportunities are available. The likelihood of a positive response is high.

Final words

Limiting or eliminating alcohol use is a massive step in the direction of a better, more satisfying

life. When people initially stop drinking, one of the most common things they notice is that they

have more time on their hands and more energy overall. There are numerous things to do that

don't include alcohol that might serve as a diversion from cravings, a way to occupy your time or

a source of happiness. Discovering new ways to have fun when you’re sober will be an exciting

and enjoyable journey, so get out there and enjoy yourself!


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